The Food Blog I Wish Existed

Most Food Blogs Are Annoying

Look, okay, we get it. You want to drive ad sales by stretching a recipe out with a long story about not knowing what to cook that night or how your kids actually ate the meal… but stop.

Most food blogs are annoying for this very reason. I’m sympathetic, really. I know you are just needing to earn money on your hard work.

But if I ever found this one food blog, I would be a faithful audience member (and promoter) for life:

1. Recipe on Top

List the ingredients and steps at the top of the page. When you are cooking and trying to scroll around steps or have your spouse open it on their device, it wastes valuable time that is needed to keep eyes on your food. Keeping the recipe at the top would be so helpful!

2. Add Practical Steps

Sometimes we just need to know when to preheat the oven. And SOMETIMES we forget without a reminder, especially when we are stressed by a new recipe or cooking technique.

3. Side Dishes

Recommend side dishes! How hard is it to have secondary recipes on the same page or at least links to them. Instead of writing out stories, offer some side dish, desert, or drink recipes. You could still maintain the same kind of long length on your blog

Final Plea

Please, please will someone just make this type of blog? Comment below if you do create it or already have a resource you can recommend. I promise plenty of Pinterest pins will come your way!


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