Reframing Our Business Approach

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Focusing Our Model

When we started Internet For Hire, we imagined that we could fill a need for creators: offering predicted SEO trends and ideas for creations like YouTube videos, blog posts, and social media content. We still think this is a great goal, but we have decided to shift our approach to a more meaningful model.

The Old Model

The old model was a strong website/blog presence with weekly resources for influencers and small businesses to use. The focus genres were parenting, food, gaming, DIY, and travel. Choosing to release these posts on a weekly basis allowed for more research time.

There was limited social media and video presence as well, with Pinterest and Tumblr being the primary sources for back-linking.

The New Model

The new model now in the works has been rebalanced to give greater value to our target audience. People need inspiration on a daily basis. But they also like to plan ahead. So going forward, we will start releasing daily YouTube Shorts for inspiration. Additionally, we will release videos covering the main social media platforms and strategies to utilized them.

This website will continue to offer great content, but we will focus on monthly inspiration posts instead of weekly. Additionally, we will be combining all genres in these monthly posts. Any particularly special event or day will have it’s own post with varied inspiration so you can boost your brand as easy as possible.

We are also developing a detailed startup strategy guide based on hands on testing that will offer the easiest way to push your content out without stress overload.

Finally, we are in the early phases of offering online courses covering topics that matter to you. If you’d like to make a suggestion for this, please let us know in the comment section.


We are so excited to embrace this new strategy and we hope you are excited as well! Once our new resources are live, we will let everyone know. We can’t wait!


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