How to Make Money with Pinterest

Utilizing Pinterest for Influencers and Businesses

Pinterest’s primary feature is that it allows users to collect Pins comprised of an image and subject line onto Boards created by users. This is a quick way to reference information and find inspiration. So how can you utilized the Pinterest platform to make money? Check out these Pinterest strategies below!

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Use Pinterest to Drive Web Traffic

Influencers and small businesses involved in crafting and cooking should rejoice! Pinterest is an excellent place to craft your image and boost your website traffic. Here’s how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website:

  1. Pick the Genre that matches your Brand, whether that be baking, cooking, crafting, or parenting. I chose these for their prominence on Pinterest, but you can try your hand at any genre.
  2. Create a website using WordPress, Squarespace, or any hosting service you’d like; I personally use WordPress. Build your home page and at least 5-10 webpages on different topics.
  3. Create a Pinterest pin for each of those webpages.
  4. Monetize using one of these two methods: (1) If you upgrade beyond free packages, you will be able to collect from ad traffic. (2) Or, if you use free sites or lower plans, you can use affiliate links to the products you discuss on your webpages.

Do note use this method for direct affiliate links. See below for that process as it slightly differs from the above.

Boost Your Brand

Web traffic not the best for your brand? That’s okay! you can still use Pinterest to show your authority on a topic (discussed a little later) and to make your name known.

Lets say that you are an influencer that does a vlog on YouTube. How would you use Pinterest for your brand image? Easy. Why not make a board for the products you use every day, another board for your favorite dishes, and maybe one for your dream locations? Whatever you talk about in your vlog, make room for it on your Pinterest Board. NOTE: Do not link everything to your vlog. You will have your Pinterest account banned for spamming. Instead, include your YouTube channel link in your bio and only create one link to each new video as you post them.

Let’s try another scenario. You own a dog grooming business and you only have a Facebook business page and images on Google Maps. What is the best way to drive business to your brand? Honestly, Pinterest is not really made for local businesses unless you are in a big city. Not everyone is going to save a pin on your grooming location in Lizton, IN. But what you can do is create a fun image for your business that has pins linking to helpful articles on pet health and beauty care. Match your Pinterest page colors to the color palette you have at your physical location and make sure you include great images of your facility. I would also encourage you to add on a website for your business and monetize using ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

Link Products

If you have an online store with, say, Shopify, Pinterest is a great way to get your product links out there! It’s really easy to do too. All you need to do is:

  1. Create your business account. Here’s the link if you haven’t done this yet: How to Set Up Business Account. You can have up to four different accounts, but the mobile app does not like to switch accounts and can make your logins sporadic, increasing your risk of being flagged for spamming. I recommend using the phone app for up to two accounts and handle the rest on your computer.
  2. Inside your business account, go to Ads and select Catalogs. From there you can add your Data Sources for your shop.
  3. After step 2, you can go back to Catalogs and create Product Groups for your products such as “August 2021 New Arrivals” or “Rainbow Fidget Toys.”

Setting up your Pinterest Shop like this will allow customers to purchase directly from your Pin links. They are a great way to promote your brand and make direct sales

Affiliate Links

One question that gets asked a lot is, “Can I use affiliate links to products on Pinterest?” The answer is YES! Now, this isn’t as straight forward as making a pin and pasting a link to the product. Here’s the quickest way to posting a product pin with an affiliate link:

  1. Get the image for your pin (aim for the largest one possible) and also get your affiliate link ready. Save it for the last step.
  2. Go to Pinterest and upload the image with the product name and description.
  3. Be sure to include some text in the description that says that “this is an affiliate link, which means <insert brand name> may receive a commission at no cost to you.”
  4. Add the appropriate alternative image text.
  5. Post the Pin.
  6. Go back and edit the pin and that’s when you paste in your affiliate link. Save the Pin and you are done.

Remember to include text that states you have used an affiliate link to be legally compliant. That’s why it’s included above as a step on its own. These links can go directly to the product you are aiming to sell. For instance, you can do this with Amazon associates links.

Authority Building

No matter what your brand is, you can use Pinterest to boost your brand’s authority. You want your audience to see you or your company as an authority on your subject.

–You are the best source for make-up tutorials and supplies!

–You are the best custom hamster cage creator on the internet!

–No one can sauté onions like you!

That’s what your audience wants. So build their trust.

The absolute best way to build your audience’s trust is consistent, non-spamy content. Add custom pins each week and make them the best content you can create. Don’t always push your affiliate links or website either. Make people trust you and want to follow you to your YouTube channel or website.

You can do it!


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