YouTube and Patreon – Can You Make Money?

It’s a question that a lot of people think about. Is it possible to make money off YouTube? And what is Patreon and why to vloggers ask you to …

YouTube and Patreon – Can You Make Money?

Any reviews three case studies that point to the benefits of using sites like Patreon for income, depending on the genre. This is actually a very interesting read that anyone trying to make money online should consider. But just remember that Patreon itself will only bring you in income if you (1) have a product people are interested in or (2) have a personality people respond to out of support.

YouTube is a whole different topic and very, very hard to get into and stick with. And it’s exhausting! For instance, I made a 15 second short and got over 750 views, whereas the videos I took hours to record, edit and upload only received 25 at most. I guess once you make it on YouTube, stay with it! You can’t afford to lose traction.


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