Online Marketing is Like Squid Game

Yes, you read that right. I’m comparing online marketing to squid game. Don’t like spoilers? Don’t continue reading on…

How It ALL Starts

You can play along and win or you can leave now.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a shot to get out of debt or make some extra cash?

So you buy a few things like a website and some subscriptions and you think, “I’m all set to play this game or online marketing.”

It looks easy, like a kids game of Red Light, Green Light. You start the first round and 10 seconds later, you realize that this “kid’s game” is a nightmare from hell!

Your competition gets picked off and you (and a few others) make it to the end of Round One of Squid Game.

Welcome to the first 6 months of online marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., etc.

Don’t get out…

Shape Your Niche Candy

Now you have to play a new game and fit into your niche. Just choose your shape.

Now you have to start knocking out pieces of the online marketing puzzle until it looks like your chosen niche. You start condensing your content and limiting your online presence to a more sustainable model. You make even start over from scratch with your newfound knowledge.

Just make sure you get that candy into the right shape, get that niche chipped out correctly, or you’re going to completely fail.

Careful with that niche…

The Game Between Games

Now comes an especially tricky part. You realize that you will make more by eliminating your competition.

But at what cost?

You can increase your winnings if you knock out other players. You now have a good bit of knowledge on how to play the game.

So do the others who have lasted this long.

The competition starts taking each other out. What will you do?

You could consume another’s market and poach on their success? Or you could enter in with your own approach and hope you aren’t taken out.

How will you use your power?

The Game Has Been Going For A While

You discover that this online marketing game has been going on for longer than you have been alive. In fact, it’s no different from the marketing strategies of the past.

We just have touch screens now.

There’s some comfort at least – you can look to previous winners for inspiration and ideas.

But there have always been losers and the possibility of failure looms over your head.

Here we go…

Ready to Play?

So, are you ready to play? There’s a lot of time to lose, but the winning can make it worth it.

This is the choice before you now.

Luckily, you do get many second changes with online marketing… unlike Squid Game.n