Trovo is Ramping Up for Influencers

Above, you can see the concept art for Tencent’s
Trovo is gearing up for an all new In-Real-Life
(IRL) layout. While you have always been able
to do IRL on Trovo, the features have been
severely limited.

IRL Against IRLs

Trovo’s new emphasis on live streaming is likely
due to the success of Twitch‘s live streaming

Currently, Trovo doesn’t have a strong IRL
presence. The main focus for the platform is
mobile game streaming. If Tencent is going to
compete, it needs to match the favorite features
on other IRL platforms.

The chat on screen feature looks a lot like
Instagram Live and Facebook Live. And if you
take a look at the “Beauty” feature, you’ll see
live face filtering while you stream. Think
Snapchat Live.

There’s also (I think) fantastic feature to set
your stream’s Cover Photo. That’s a nice take from YouTube.

What’s left to be seen is the additional plug-ins
you can add like StreamLabs.

What this means for influencers is that there’s a
new unsaturated platform up for grabs.
You can also multi-stream to Trovo, Twitch,
Twitter, and YouTube all at the same time using

Influencers Take Notice

So, you can continue streaming to your regular
platforms while adding a new Trovo channel.
If you don’t using a multi-streaming app, you
can rack up special rewards by streaming on
Trovo directly. Yep, Trovo took a concept straight
from Discord and Reddit. By streaming on
Trovo, you can unlock special features and


The new IRL features should debut soon. Trovo
is using surveys to find out what users want
right now.

Influencers, go ahead and download the Trovo
app to your device today or sign up on

This way, you’ll be ready for your new streaming
opportunity when the big push comes!