YouTube and Patreon – Can You Make Money?

It’s a question that a lot of people think about. Is it possible to make money off YouTube? And what is Patreon and why to vloggers ask you to …

YouTube and Patreon – Can You Make Money?

Any reviews three case studies that point to the benefits of using sites like Patreon for income, depending on the genre. This is actually a very interesting read that anyone trying to make money online should consider. But just remember that Patreon itself will only bring you in income if you (1) have a product people are interested in or (2) have a personality people respond to out of support.

YouTube is a whole different topic and very, very hard to get into and stick with. And it’s exhausting! For instance, I made a 15 second short and got over 750 views, whereas the videos I took hours to record, edit and upload only received 25 at most. I guess once you make it on YouTube, stay with it! You can’t afford to lose traction.


YouTube Channels for Kids

Why A Kids’ YouTube Channel?

In recent years, YouTube has made it far safer for kids to spend countless hours on their platform. So how can you utilize a kids YouTube channel as an influencer?

JB and Sam – Mega Easy Obby

As an example of a new YouTube Kids channel, check out JB and Sam!

Benefits of a YouTube Kids Channel

  1. Major watch time benefits. Have you ever watched a kid use YouTube? They will sit and watch it (or leave it running) for hours at a time. So having a kid’s YouTube channel is a great idea to get your 4,000 hours to monetize.
  2. Relatively easy to create. Some shows only have talking and screen recording of a video game. Others have simple crafting ideas with supplies and the building process. There’s no need for a big budget or a large amount of time to make this type of YouTube channel content.
  3. Loyal audience. Once you find the right niche, you can easily replicate similar material for repeat viewers.

Getting Started

To get started, go to your Brand Accounts section in your Google account.

After you create your new Brand Account, select to build your new channel. (If you want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, make sure you verify your account with your phone number.)

Upload consistent imagery for your logo and banner in order to help your audience recognize your brand.

Finally, make sure that you upload your first video and use the proper SEO strategy to add:

  1. A great video title
  2. A meaningful and SEO friendly description
  3. Eye-catching thumbnail
  4. Relevant and competitive tags
  5. ***Mark your video as Made For Kids*** (This allows your video to show up on the YouTube Kids app in addition to regular YouTube.)

A Note on Monetization

With videos made specifically for kids or by kids (there is some flexibility for gaming channels in designation), you will not be able to promote specific advertisements for kids. However, you can still monetize your channel, so don’t let that put you off.

Ideas for Content

Kids love to watch certain genres. but the following are the best categories to get started with.

  1. Gaming – you don’t even need a camera to create these. Just screen record your phone and plug in some headphones to get started!
  2. Crafts – kids love simple crafts, especially back to school hacks!
  3. Funny Videos – creating a funny, kid safe channel is incredibly invaluable, especially if you utilize the magnetic power of cats.
  4. Pets – funny or not, kids love to watch animals interact with humans.


Get creative and have fun! Don’t get discouraged about the vast quantity of videos already out there. Everyone loves new material, especially if done well.

Best of luck!