The Truth Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Tell You

No disclaimers on this one. No fluff. No links.

This post is for you, the person who just wants to build their brand around a connected community of supporters.

The Lie

The lie within social media marketing is two-fold: that you need an entrepreneur or group’s advice to succeed and that there’s a magic formula to success.

You find conflicting advice on blogs all too often, even on the basics. YouTube channels push their secrets to the algorithm or something like that. There’s ways to “make tons of money with passive income” if you just follow these 5, 10, 31, 148 tips… it’s bull.

The Truth

The truth is that leading tech companies are smarter than simple tricks. I mean, if Google can teach a car to drive itself, the YouTube algorithm can see through your gimmicks. And most of the advice out there, it’s either junk or the throngs you probably already knew or had a feeling about.

The truth is that if you make good content (yes, “good,” not “great”), and you consistently put it out on a given social media channel, you can succeed. And no that’s not a trick “success is how you define it.” It’s a true growth success.

Let me unpack that. Good content may be all you need if that is the best you can do right now. Just don’t give up because it’s hard work sometimes. And consistency on a social media platform is essential too. Consistency in posting and consistency on a given app or website. YouTube wants you to STAY on YouTube. Instagram wants you to do the same. The same goes for Twitch, Facebook, etc. These companies have ad revenue to generate and the only way to do that is to keep eyes on their platform.

Real Tips

So here on some real tips to help you succeed:

1. Make good content.

2. Focus on great audio and lighting your face (if applicable).

3. Build separate communities on individual platforms and don’t cross link too much.

4. Have you own website to link all of your channels together.

5. Make content for your AUDIENCE and not any algorithm.

That’s it. You focus on your audience, your customers, your fans. The rest is secondary.

How to Really Use SEO

How should you really use SEO “hacks,” “tips,” or “tricks?”

You have to think of SEO as suggestions for your lingo. If you are an expert, in any sense, of a given topic, you should already produce a blog or video, etc. that has great quality content. Before, after or during writing, you can use SEO keywords to help add variety to your writing and reduce redundancy. You can also use it for #hashtags and tags on your social media platforms.

Get to it!

Just don’t write or record for any algorithm. Write as if people are going to read something they care about – because that is how you will build a real community that returns to your content and recommends it on their social media.

Now get to it!


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