How to Actually Make $1,000/Month with Your Blog

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How to get $1,000/Month

The quick answer is: absolutely! Here’s what that might look like:

1. Ad Revenue – between 300,000-350,000 site visits per day

2. Affiliate Links – about $100,000.00 of items sold on Amazon from your links

3. Sponsored Blog Posts – about 3-5 posts needed

4. Subscriptions – about 50 new subscriptions per month at ~$20 each

Now, let’s break these down so you can see how it actually is easier than you might be thinking now.

Ad Revenue

The Breakdown

In order to earn $1,000 a month using ad revenue alone would require your blog getting between 300,000-350,000 visits depending on a few factors.

1. The first factor is pageviews per session, or visit. Aim for 1.5-2.5 pageviews per session in the long run.

2. The second factor is the amount of ads on your page. Of course, the more ads you put on your page, the more people will see. But have you ever been on a webpage overloaded with ads to the point you got off it? If you can’t stand it, you know others can’t either. Ultimately, your site will suffer with too many ads, so aim for just a few on each page.

3. The third factor is what countries your site is targeting. You will get more ad revenue for targeting the United States and European countries.

4. Fourth, the value of your niche will play a large part. The value of your niche goes up with its popularity. Ads cost more to run on more popular types of sites.


Most webpages do not get much traffic after their initial publication. If you are just starting out, your website could be getting 2-50 views per day with some pages getting 0 views. It feels like the only way you can get traffic is through paid ads, but DON’T yet! Try this instead.

Once you have about 50 posts on your blog, cut the amount of posts you create per week in half. Use that newly freed up time to make Pinterest posts linking to your INDIVIDUAL pages. You’ve already made one for that page? Great! Now make a new one for it every week! That Canva subscription needs to pay for itself.

Also, make sure you are posting the same material on your social media pages. Dig through Reddit and see if there’s a question your webpage can answer (make sure you answer the question and then link “for more info”). Don’t have a YouTube channel yet? Make one on the same topics! No Podcast yet? Use to read your webpages as episodes.

Affiliate Links

The Breakdown

Like we mentioned above, you will need about $10,000 of sold merchandise from Amazon to make $100. That’s not going to happen each day. In fact, you’ll be thrilled when you get $3 in one day. You may be wondering what kind of items you could even sell to do that.

1. Affiliate marketing 101 says go for the Amazon affiliates program. There’s no prerequisite traffic numbers to qualify so it just makes sense.

2. Include affiliate links on your blog and promotional material like Pinterest pins. See our How to Make Money with Pinterest blog post for more.

3. Even if someone clicks your affiliate link and then buys a completely different product, you get the credit. For example, someone clicked a book link on one of our sites and bought a portable EKG… and we got credit!

4. Amazon offers Bounties on their brands where you can earn larger rewards. For example, if someone signs up for a free trial of Audible through your link, you get $5! If they get a membership after that, you get $10! You would have to sell $1,000 worth of items through affiliate links to make that.

5. Others are many other affiliate programs you can try out as a beginning. Larry Ludwig has a great list of programs.


Before you fully establish your brand, you are only going to get around 2% click through rate on affiliate links.That’s okay. Focus on the items relevant to your niche. Once you are a trusted authority, it will be more likely that visitors will purchase through your links.

Aim to include a few higher dollar items in your affiliate links, especially tech that is used in your niche. That $84 EKG we mentioned earlier only netted $0.84. A $10 book? Yep that will only get you $0.10 or so. So aim big.

Sponsored Blog Posts

The Breakdown

Sponsored blog posts are where others pay you to promote their products in a positive light.

1. Method one to get sponsored is to create a media kit and sponsor page on your site. The sponsor page can be as simple as “contact us” and “here’s what we can offer you.” The media kit will have your name, contact information, site traffic statistics, and social meado following.

2. The second method is to reach out to makers of products you enjoy and ask to do a sponsored post. You will need to include a media kit as well.

3. A single sponsored post can make you $100 or more. As your reputation grows, so can the cost of your service. But make sure YOU ask the prove you want and don’t go lower than you are willing to.


Look, if you are just starting out, it’s going to be hard to get a sponsorship. But your blog will grow and you will get that lucky first sponsorship. Some blogs have multiple sponsorships each month, so look forward to that as your brand grows. For more information on blogging, see our Quick Guide to Making Money Blogging.


The Breakdown

Subscriptions might work out nicely for you. Your readers pay a subscription fee each month to read your entire articles instead of just a free snippet.

1. If you are using WordPress, you can use Swipe to set up your reoccurring payments securely. It even documents your income and generates the tax information you will need for tax season.

2. You can choose to write a snippet at the top of your blog post and then restrict below that for subscribers.

3. Or you can choose a visible word count that will limit readers much like online newspapers do today.

4. You will need to repeatedly promote the benefits of getting a subscription in your free posts and on your landing page.


Depending on your niche, you can definitely benefit from a subscription plan. You just need to be creative in its application. However, getting 5 new subscribers at $20 a subscription each day is, well, a bit much. Good luck getting more than $5 for that unless you are also giving something else like a monthly informational booklet.

Instead, list the subscription for a lower price, like $3.99/month and let your reputation build your audience. On subscriptions alone, you would need 250 subscriptions each month, return or new.

Getting to the $1000/Month Mark

There’s nearly an infinite number of arrangements we could come up with to get you to the $1,000 per month mark. But here’s a realistic scenario you can aim for using all but the sponsored method above.

When you reach the 50 blog post mark and have started pushing promotional information more, you should aim to get about 10 pageviews per day. That’s a total of 500 site visits. If you are pushing your links on multiple social media platforms, you should be able to do this. Congrats, you hit the $1.45 mark. Now let’s say you sell 8 of $40 craft kits on Amazon. That’s about $3.20. Now your total is up to $4.65/day. Bummer right? That’s probably your first 6-8 weeks.

Now imagine you have kept that same work up and you reach the 6 month mark. You have now written 100 total blog posts and been promoting on social media. You have a steady following. Now you can expect to see 10x the traffic. That’s about 50 views per blog post each day. You can expect 5,000 views on your blog everyday. Thats about $14.50 in ad revenue. You also have greatly increased your reputation and have secured a few sponsored posts. If you did it right, that won’t the only time those companies reach out to you. You have gained $100-$300 per sponsored post. You also have increased sales through affiliate links to about 30 items sold at $40 each, bringing your total earnings to $12 per day. And that’s not very likely to happen. You will be more likely to make several small sales and a big sale or two, still reaching that $12 mark.

That’s a total of $26.50 per day. In a month’s time, you’ll have right at $800/month. Within a few more months, you should be at your $1,000 per month goal.

A Warning

You cannot get rich quick with a blog unless you are already famous and have a tremendous following. Don’t fall for schemes.

Also, know your niche. Certain topics invite more views. Parenting advice blogs will attract more than bonsai tree maintenance. But there’s still a niche for it.

And don’t write about a topic you don’t care about just to make money. You will lose interest. Let helping others drive you. Let your interests keep you going.

You CAN do it!


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